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Sample Post Interview Rejection Letter is a letter that a company writes to a candidate for an interview to tell him the interview result. It's very simple but includes all the necessary parts of a rejection letter. The most important things of a rejection letter are to thank the candidate for its interest and to tell the interview result. It's not necessary to send a letter to the failed candidate, but a letter can be helpful to keep a good relationship with the candidate and leave a good impression. If you want to write a simple rejection letter, this one is a good choice

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Dear Ms/Mr (name):
Thank you for your interest in the (POSITION TITLE) position. We enjoyed
meeting you.
Selecting a final candidate was difficult. However, we have selected another
candidate who is well qualified and best meets our current needs. Our choice
in no way reflects upon your excellent skills and abilities.
We sincerely wish you the best in your job search and appreciate your
continued interest in employment at Western.
Sample Post Interview Rejection Letter
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