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SAMPLE Project Proposal
Cheezewiz Server Replacement
Project Title:
Cheezewiz Server
As of Date:
October 3, 2013
File Name:
Project Sponsor:
Minny Mouse
Project Manager:
Project Client:
Mickey Mouse
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Purpose and Justification
(The justification and validity of the project needs to be confirmed before the project proceeds. This
document is used to clarify the project purpose and justification and to gain approval to proceed towards
developing the Project Charter.)
Project Requestor:
(This person will serve as the project Client. The Client is responsible for clearly defining the project objectives
and acceptance criteria. They will accept or reject project deliverables.)
Mickey Mouse, Professor of Rodent Studies : 295-7291 [email protected]
Statement of the Problem or Need:
(Describe the purpose / need / rationale for the project. What problem is this project designed to address?)
Cheezewiz is used by the Rodent Studies department to support both its research and its teaching
activities. The software is used by researchers to track, record, and analyze data on various facets of
rodent life cycles. For example; the software was used during research through which we were able to
identify that rodents existing on an extremely high sodium diet experienced a significant reduction in
the number of offspring.
All students in the department are taught how to use the software and many of their assignments are
required to be done using Cheezewiz. Since Cheezewiz is one of the leading applications used by
private sector organizations involved in this field, we feel that having experience with the software
gives our graduates a leg up.
The server on which the Cheezewiz software runs has been unsupported by the manufacturer since
December of 2005. Support is currently being received through a contract with Cheezewiz Authorities,
Inc. (CWAU) The contract expires at the end of the next calendar year. We have been warned by
CWAU that there will be a significant increase in the support fees under any new contract.
In addition, the process of backing up data from the existing server is extremely cumbersome. We have
experienced a number of occasions where data has been inexplicably lost and had to be re-entered. As a
result, we are keeping reams of printed reports in the research labs.
Project Deliverables and Beneficiaries:
(Describe the objective of the project; what the project is to achieve, create, or deliver. Please identify who will
derive a direct benefit from the expected outcome.)
At the end of the project we hope to have the current software running on a new, faster and more stable
server. In addition, all of the existing data should have been moved from the old server to the new. All
of the current functionality should still exist. Access to the system should still be controlled through the
use of user IDs and passwords, which are administered by the department of Rodent Studies
Students of the department will continue to benefit from the hands-on experience of working
with Cheezwiz software. Less of their class time will be wasted waiting for server performance
issues to be resolved.
Researchers will benefit from the increased speed and reliability.
Sample Project Proposal
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