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December 7, 2012
Jim Hannah
ABC Supply
100 Industrial Drive
Plainsman, TN 49920
Jason Dentrick
Neighborhood Bank
100 Financial Boulevard
Nashville, TN 49924
Re: Proof of Income for John Doherty
Dear Mr. Dentrick,
The purpose of this letter is to provide income verification for John Doherty with regard to his
recent application for a home mortgage through Neighborhood Bank. As Human Resources
Director for ABC Supply, I can confirm that Mr. Doherty’s current salary is $38,500 annually. He
receives an annual cost of living adjustment of 4% and a yearly bonus that has averaged
around $2,375 each of the seven years he has been employed with ABC. Mr. Doherty is an
employee in good standing, and I foresee no reason his income would not follow this same
projected path in the future.
Enclosed is a copy of Mr. Doherty’s 2011 W-2 form that he received from ABC Supply. This
documentation will confirm the information provided above. If I can be of further assistance,
please contact me at (800) 555-0198 or by email at
Jim Hannah
Human Resources Representative
Enclosure: John Doherty 2011 W-2 Form
Sample Proof of Income Letter from Employer
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