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Sample of a Request for Loan Letter:
5 July 2012
From: Mr. xxx xxxxxxx
Ames Supersonics Project
To: Mr. Francis J. Kmak
Chief, Wind Tunnel Division
MS 227-5
NASA Ames Research Center Moffett Field, CA 94035
Subject: Request for Loan of NASA Ames 1.00 inch MK14C Strain-gauge Balance
The NASA Supersonics Project requests the loan of the NASA AMES 1.00 inch
MK14C 6-component internal strain-gauge balance, its related check loading hardware, and
a dummy balance for the Boeing Sonic Boom Test in the GRC 8x6 Wind Tunnel. The loan
period shall be from 5 July 2012 through 17 September 2012. This balance will be used as the
Primary Test Balance.
2.Financial Liability
The NASA Supersonics Project accepts responsibility for repairing or replacing
the balance and associated equipment should damage occur while in our possession (this
includes all mechanical and electrical aspects of the balance including the taper and outer
sleeve). The Supersonics Project understands the replacement cost of a balance is
approximately $250K and refurbishment costs vary widely depending on the damage (e.g.
cable repairs/replacements can be $2K or greater, flexure replacements can be $20K or more,
and full recalibrations of balance after repairs are made can be in the order of $25k).
3. Items Requested
Balance -The balance to be loaned shall be the Ames 1.00" diameter MK14C 6-
component internal strain-gauge balance equipped with a 29-foot, permanently attached cable
terminated in taper pins. Each balance bridge is wired with four wires (a pair for excitation and
a pair for signal) - there are no independent sense lines. Also, all four thermocouples are not
working. The balance was last calibrated at Triumph in March 2008. The calibration assumes
the excitation sense is made at the taper pins.
Check Load Hardware - The check load hardware associated with the 1.00"
MK14C balance will also be part of the loan. This will consist of a 1.00" calibration body, roll
arms, related fasteners, and a balance-to-calibration-body roll pin.
Sample Request Loan Approval Letter
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