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The Sample Resume Objectives is a summary of your goals of the employment, typically takes the top location of your resume. Whether to put the objectives on your resume or not is optional. It must be related to the position you are applying for if you state the objectives in your resume. And the more specific your objectives are, you are more likely to get the position you want. With the resume objectives, employers will know more about you and will get what you can contribute to the position.

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Samples of Resume Objectives
Seeking a position in the accounting field where excellent analytical and technical skills can be utilized to
improve the company's profitability
A position in data entry and/or accounting where skills in spreadsheet development and troubleshooting
can improve efficiency and enhance profitability
(Student/Entry Level) A position in the field of accounting leading to managerial responsibilities
Administrative Support
Seeking an Administrative Assistant position with a company that will allow me to fully utilize my
communication, organizational, and problem solving skills
Seeking a Secretarial/Bookkeeping position in which I can utilize my extensive office management,
communication, and accounting skills to benefit the organization
Computer Technology
(Student/Entry Level) A Programmer/Analyst position which will provide me with the opportunity to
develop skills in software design
Seeking a design engineer position with emphasis on solid modeling
Seeking a position which will allow me to utilize my network administrator skills in a NT/Novell
environment interoperating with WAN/LAN connectivity
Seeking a position as a(n) (English) Teacher at the Secondary School level
To obtain a position as an Elementary School Teacher in which a strong dedication to the total
development of children and a high degree of enthusiasm can be fully utilized
Engineering and Technology
(Student Entry Level) - To obtain a position as an Electronics Technician
A position in the field of (Electrical Engineering) with an emphasis on (aviation electronic systems)
A position as Electrician, which will utilize my technical training and benefit from my experience with
(lighting and sound systems back-stage electrical equipment)
A position in (commercial diving industry) where knowledge of (construction), a high mechanical aptitude,
and unyielding commitment to safety can effectively contribute to the successful and profitable operation
of the firm
Seeking a ________ position with a company which will require me to utilize my skills, abilities and
experience in the _______ field to ensure the company's success
(Student Entry Level) To obtain a position in the ______ field where I can utilize my work experience and
education to improve company's operation
(Student Entry Level) To obtain a position as a _________ in a ________ company while continuing my
Graphic Design
Seeking a graphic design position in a company where I can utilize my graphic and creative skills to
produce a quality product
Health Care
Seeking a (nursing) position, which will require me to expand my practical experience while providing
quality health care to patients
To promote and implement the standards of nursing practice as established by the profession
Seeking an (Occupation Therapist) position that will expand my (education/ skills/knowledge) and utilize it
to strengthen the facility's operations
A position as a (Licensed Practical Nurse) in a Health Care facility where I can utilize my nursing education
and training, as well as my interpersonal skills to provide the highest level of care
A position as a (Licensed Practical Nurse) with a facility that will enable me to represent my employers
professionally and provide the highest level of comfort and care to patients
To obtain a clinical position in a Physical Therapy facility that emphasizes Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
Sample Resume Objectives
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