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This Sample Retirement Letter is a comprehensive file and material to learn some knowledge about the retirement. It has some suggestions on how to create a proper retirement letter in different situations. It's also collected several typical samples used for different employees. You can read the file to learn how some related knowledge of retirement. If you want to write a retirement letter, you can also find the fittest template and modify to create a retirement letter meeting your needs.

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Greg Butler– Page 11
Sample Retirement Letter - From a Service Provider.
(Of course I’m biased, and a little vain, but the following letter is a model example of a
professional and cordial letter to a retiree.)
Dear Greg,
I know this is au revoir’ and not ‘goodbye’ but it would be wrong of me not to
write and thank you for the support you have shown to XYZ Agency over the
past fourteen years.
You know I have always indicated that ABC Company is our model client.
That being so, much of it is down to you.
You have always been demanding but fair, insistent but courteous and,
unusually in our business, quick to praise when credit has been due to either
agency or individual.
We will miss your wisdom and insight but, most of all; we’ll miss your
I hope this new phase of life is good to you, that you keep well, and that your
new business keeps you only as busy as you want it to!
See you soon.
Yours sincerely
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