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This Sample Retirement Letter is a comprehensive file and material to learn some knowledge about the retirement. It has some suggestions on how to create a proper retirement letter in different situations. It's also collected several typical samples used for different employees. You can read the file to learn how some related knowledge of retirement. If you want to write a retirement letter, you can also find the fittest template and modify to create a retirement letter meeting your needs.

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Greg Butler– Page 12
Sample Retirement Letter - Employer to long standing
Dear Philip,
I am writing to you at this time of your retirement to express my appreciation
for the valuable contribution you made to the success of our company
throughout your term of office.
When you joined the company in 1981, as Finance Director, you were
professional, diligent, and a ‘safe pair of hands’. Yet there was more to come!
You subsequently became head of Marketing and lead a team that developed
award winning marketing campaigns, and was instrumental in developing a
long-term strategy for the Brand, which saw our market share grow from
15% in 1981 to almost 40% today.
You efforts and achievements were appreciated by your colleagues and by
clients of the company. We will find it hard to replace your blend of skills,
experience and good humor.
I’m sure your new clients will benefit from those skills and experience in your
post retirement ‘career’, but do remember that you have earned the right to
enjoy more time with family and friends, and to pursue those great hobbies
you have.
I offer you good wishes for health and happiness in your well earned
Yours sincerely,
Managing Director
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