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Running Effective Committee Meetings
The following information has been adapted [minor modifications] under a Creative Commons
license directly from the DIY Committee Guide published by:
Volunteer Now | 129 Ormeau Road | Belfast | Ireland | BT7 1SH.
Meetings are necessary for:
Decision making;
Problem solving; and
In reality running purposeful and participative meetings can be challenging. Common
experiences include:
Long discussions with no conclusion;
Decision making on the basis of inadequate information;
Low attendance;
Uneven participation; and
Unwillingness to ask questions.
These issues are not easily addressed, but meetings can become more effective if they are well
planned with a clear purpose, effectively chaired and focused on decision-making.
Planning Meetings
Committee meetings are more productive if they are planned beforehand. Responsibility for
planning the meeting lies with the Chairperson along with the Secretary in smaller
organizations, and with the most senior staff member in organizations which employ staff.
However all Management Committee members will need to ensure they have read any papers
prior to the meeting and have added relevant items to the agenda.
Plan your meetings effectively by....
Setting dates well in advance to maximize the number of members available to attend
(and sending a reminder notice);
Clarifying the purpose or focus of the meeting;
Ensuring that staff and financial reports are concise and comprehensible;
Ensuring that minutes and agreed actions from the previous meetings are circulated.
Ensuring that all papers are circulated well in advance;
Sample Running Effective Committee Meeting Agenda
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