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This Sample Thank You Letters has collected seven typical samples of thank you letter. They are examples written in different situations and for different purposes. They are all formal and typical. You can read through all the samples and find the one meeting your needs most to download and modify according to your conditions to create a customized thank you letter. This file is free to download and print.

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Dear _______________,
Thank you so much for taking the time to interview me today for the social worker position.
I felt a wonderful rapport not only with you, but with the whole Rolling Hills School Health Clinic
staff. I am more convinced than ever that I will fit in beautifully as a member of the team and
contribute my skills and talents for the benefit of schoolchildren in the Rolling Hills district.
I can make myself available for any further discussions of my qualifications that may be needed.
Again, Dr. Page, I very much appreciate you and your staff taking so much time to talk with me
about this exciting opportunity.
Dear _______________,
I'd like to thank you for talking with me about the research- assistant position in your seismology
lab. I truly appreciate all the time and care you took in telling me about the job and learning more
about me.
I'm so pleased that you agree that my senior research project in seismology provides me with
excellent experience for this position. I am eager to bring my passion for seismology to the
research-assistant position, and I am convinced the knowledge and experience I've already
cultivated make me the best researcher for the job.
I very much look forward to learning of your decision soon. Please feel free to contact me if you
need more information about my qualifications.
Thank you again for the exhilarating interview.
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