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Candles, if used, may be lit before guests are seated, or as part of the pre-
ceremony activities, before the seating of the parents. This is usually done by two
of the ushers.
Prelude - usually beginning 15 – 30 minutes before the service.
Seating of Guests - Bride’s family and friends to the left when facing front,
Groom’s to the right, unless they are not somewhat equal numbers. In that case,
the side does not matter.
Seating of Grandparents and Great Grandparents - Groom’s first, then
Seating of Groom’s Parents
Seating of Bride’s Mother (assuming her father is escorting the Bride). At this
point, some couples have the two mothers light the two candles by the Unity
Placing of the White Runner (Optional) - After this point, no one is to walk on
this runner except the bridal party. Latecomers should be seated through side
Entry of the Pastor and Groom’s Party – The pastor enters first, followed by
the Groom, Best Man, and Groomsmen, with the pastor going to his place on the
platform, while the Groom’s Party proceeds to the head of the aisle to await the
Bride. It is also acceptable to have the groomsmen enter escorting the
bridesmaids. The Best Man, however, always accompanies the Groom.
Bridal Procession - Bridesmaids first, Ring Bearer and Flower Girl, Maid of
Honor. (Some brides have the attendants enter as couples. In that case, only the
Best Man and Maid/Matron of Honor enter alone.) At this point, the music often
changes, the Bride’s mother stands, signaling the congregation to stand, and the
Bride enters, traditionally escorted by her father. When all are in place the pastor
may signal the congregation to be seated, or may begin the ceremony and seat
people after a Call to Worship and/or Prayer.
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Sample Wedding Ceremony Outline Template
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