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School Library Information Services: Budget Request
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School Library Information Services Date Submitted: Current Date
Department Head:
Teacher-Librarian Sections: Serving Entire School
– Projected Enrolment: 1100
For the upcoming school year, the School Library requires a continued level of
dedicated funding to allow for the growth of a relevant and substantial resource
collection to address the needs of a full complement of courses from grade 9 through
grade 12. An emphasis should continue to be placed on the acquisition of resources to
build and expand the collection for students and staff. Centrally located resources
made available through the School Library Information Centre, often have a cross-
curricular application and function to support program delivery for staff, assignment
completion for students, and build literacy through access to varied recreational reading
materials. Such resources form a vital foundation for student success in high school.
1. General Student Resources (Print, Multimedia, and Electronic)
- acquire resources to address ministry curricula and support course needs
- support our school-wide Literacy Project for the upcoming school year by providing
an increased selection of recreational reading materials
- the requested funding total will purchase approximately 250 novels, 250 non-fiction
books, 3 Reference sets, 14 magazine subscriptions, 40 educational videos with Public
Performance Rights, online database subscriptions, and the CBC News In Review
annual subscription
- resources will be purchased to address collection gaps, respond to course needs, and
address curriculum-related requests from staff input/surveys during the school year
Item Unit Cost Quantity TOTAL
Non-Fiction $30 avg. 250 books $ 7,500
Novels/Fiction $12 avg. 250 books $ 3,000
Reference Sets $600 to $1,000
per set
3 sets $ 2,500
Educational Videos $50 avg. 40 $ 2,000
Magazines/Periodicals Periodical costs vary 14 Magazine
$ 700
Online Subscription
Database costs vary 10 Database
$ 3,000
CBC News In Review
$500 Annual subscription $ 500
TOTAL: $ 19,200
Budget Request for Next School Year
School Library Budget Template
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