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Science Project Proposal
Due Date_________________
The Science Fair Project is a balance of:
*In-school activities (research, sample experiments and display construction)
*At home activities (gathering materials, designing & doing experiment, display
Please take the time to go over the following materials
with your parents/guardians:
Science Fair timeline Science Fair scoring guide
Science Fair requirements Science Fair proposal information sheet
Each Science Fair Project will consist of the following
required items:
1.) Question/Problem~ what will be answered?
2.) Hypothesis~ what do you think will happen?
3.) Procedures~ what will you measure? Please include a step-by-
step description of what will happen.
4.) Materials Needed~ what type of supplies/materials will you need
to conduct your experiment?
5.) Results~ what happened? Don’t forget to include your
observations, measurable data (graph/chart).
6.) Journal~ how did your project develop over the course of the 8
weeks? Keep a dated record of all of the steps~from the reading
through any handouts you receive, any of your thoughts,
research, sketches, proposal, questions, hypothesis, procedures,
materials, drawing of display, etc~ WRITE DOWN
7.) Create a display on a trifold display board.
Science Project Proposal
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