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(Without Minor Children of the Marriage)
This is an important legal document, and you may want to get the advice of an
attorney. Read this agreement carefully and completely before you sign it.
This AGREEMENT is made between ______________________________ (name) and
________________________________ (name), Husband and Wife, to determine all property
rights, including property and debt distribution, between them.
The parties to this Agreement represent the following:
1. They were married on _______________________ (date) in _______________________
(city and state).
2. Irreconcilable differences have arisen between the parties and (check one below)
_____ they are now living separate and apart, or
_____ they desire immediate separation and intend to separate.
3. There are no minor children of the marriage, either by birth or adoption, and the Wife is not
4. The parties intend this agreement to be a full and complete settlement of their rights, one to
another, as to the duty of support to one another now or in the future, any rights of inheritance
from one another, and any rights to any interest in or to any property of the other, whether
acquired before, during, or after marriage, or other rights or benefits that may arise from the
marital relationship.
The parties therefore agree as follows:
ARTICLE ONE. Separation
Each party shall hereafter live separate and apart from the other, and neither shall annoy,
molest, interfere with or harass the other in any way or manner, either directly or indirectly.
Separation Agreement (Without Minor Children of the Marriage)
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