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The Service Level Agreement Template is in quite a detailed form, and the user can fill the information in the corresponding blanks, which is very convenient for user's utilization. The template consists of six main sections, namely, Agreement Overview, Goals & Objectives, Stakeholders, Periodic Review, Service Agreement, Service Management. This template is so detailed that can almost apply to all kinds of situations. If you need it, you can download it from our website for free.

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Service Level Agreement (SLA)
for Customer
Company name
Effective Date: 10-08-2010
Document Owner:
Company name
Version Date Description Author
1.0 10-08-2010 Service Level Agreement Bob Smith
1.1 15-08-2010 Service Level Agreement Revised Dave Jones
(By signing below, all Approvers agree to all terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement.)
Approvers Role Signed Approval Date
Company name Service Provider 14-08-2010
Customer Customer 14-08-2010
Company address
Incorporation Number 0000000
Service Level Agreement Template
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