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Shippers Letter of Instruction
Shipper - Person or Company Tendering Freight
Name: Phone:( )
Address: City: State: Zip: Country:
Email: Airport of Departure:
Consignee - Person or Company Receiving Freight
Name: Phone:( )
Address: City: State: Zip: Country
Email: Airport of Arrival:
Freight Service - Shipment will be transported/billed based on “Freight Service” selection.
1. ___ Express Air Service (GCX) 2. ___ Regular Air Service(STD) 3.___ Small Package Service(SPS)
4.___ Ocean Freight Service
Payment Information - How are you paying for the freight charges? (Check One Only)
Check Credit Card Freight Prepaid Freight Collect On Account,
Acct #_____________
Declare value of shipment for carrier: $__________ Declare value of shipment for U.S. Customs: U.S.$_________
ould you like to insure this shipment: Yes___ No____ Yes, Amount: $_______ If denied Initial here: _______
Do you have an Air Way Bill Number, Air Cargo Reservation Number or Ocean Booking Number Yes____ No____
List Number: _______________________________________________
Are you consolidating this shipment with other freight you have already at Amerijet (this location)? Y
es___ No____
Description of the Freight
Quantity Brief Description
Measurements (inch)
Length Width Height
If more space for dimensions is needed, please use the back of the paper.
Refrigeration Required? Yes___ No___ Do you have a commercial invoice? Yes____ No____
Is the freight Hazardous Material? (Example: Paint, Hair Spray, Nail Polish)? Yes_____ No____
By signing this form I/we hereby consent to screening this shipment as per Transportation Security
Administration (TSA) requirements.
Special Instructions:
Rule 110(H): Shipment, the contents of which are liable to deteriorate or perish due to change in the climate, temperature, altitude or other ordinary exposure,
or because of length of time in transit, will be accepted without responsibility on the part of carrier for loss or damage due to such deterioration or perishability.
Dimensions are subject to Amerijet verication.
_______________________ _______________________________ __________
Signature Required Print Name Date
Fax: Address:
Phone: E-mail: Website:
Shipper's Letter of Instruction Template
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