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THIS AGREEMENT made this ___ day of ____________, by and between ______________________
_________________, herein called "Landlord," and _____________________, ____________________,
_____________________, ____________________, _____________________, ____________________,
herein called "Tenant." Landlord hereby agrees to rent to Tenant the real property located in the City of
___________________, State of ________________, described as follows: _______________________,
Commencing on the 1st day of _________ and monthly thereafter until the __th day of ________, at which
time this agreement is terminated. Landlord rents the demised premises to Tenant on the following terms
and conditions:
1. Rent
Tenant agrees to pay Landlord as base rent the sum of $_________ per month, due and payable monthly in
advance on the first day of each month during the term of this agreement. Rent must be received by 5:00
P.M. If the rent has not been received by 9:00 A.M. on the second of the month, then a seven - (7) day
notice will be posted.
2. Payment of Rent
Monthly rent payments may be paid by check until the first check is dishonored and returned unpaid. Time
is of the essence and no excuses will be accepted. Rent shall be made payable to ____________ and hand
delivered (or sent by mail at Tenant's risk) to Landlord at _____________________________. Any rents
lost in the mail will be treated as if unpaid until received by Landlord. All tenants will contribute equally in
the payment of rent and only one single payment will be accepted. If any tenant withdraws from the lease,
for any reason, the remaining tenants will be responsible for making up the difference in rent.
3. Additions to Rent for Payment of Certain Utilities
Tenant will add an additional $75 to rent each month to pay for water and sewer service. At the end of this
agreement, landlord will compare the actual billed amounts with the sum of these monthly payments. If the
Tenant overpaid, Landlord will reimburse Tenant for the amount overpaid. If a shortage exists, Tenant
shall pay for the shortage amount. All other utilities will be paid for directly by Tenant.
4. Appliances
The house is rented with the following appliances: Refrigerator and Stove. Other appliances may be
included in the rental property that are the sole responsibility of the tenant to upkeep. The landlord will not
be responsible for the upkeep of these appliances and does not warrant the condition of these appliances.
The above rental payment specifically EXCLUDES any appliances other than the refrigerator and stove.
Such appliances as are in the property are there solely at the convenience of the Landlord, who assumes no
responsibility for their operation. Landlord agrees to remove appliances at the request of Tenant. Any
personal property remaining on the Premises may be used by the Tenant, however the Tenant assumes sole
responsibility to keep said personal property in working and/or operating condition, and agrees to return
said personal property to the Landlord at the termination of this Lease Agreement in the same or better
condition, reasonable wear excepted.
5. Rental Collection Charge
Simple Apartment Rental Agreement
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