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I, _______________________________, agree with the following
I have read and understood [name of agency]’s Privacy Policy.
I understand that I may come in contact with confidential information
during my time at [name of agency]. As part of the condition of my
work with [name of agency] I hereby undertake to keep in strict
confidence any information regarding any client, employee or business
of [name of agency] or any other organization that comes to my
attention while at [name of agency]. I will do this in accordance with
the [name of agency]’s privacy policy and applicable laws, including
those that require mandatory reporting.
I also agree to never remove any confidential material of any kind
from the premises of [name of agency] unless authorized as part of
my duties, or with the express permission or direction to do so from
[name of agency].
(Print Staff Name)
(Signature of Staff)
(Signature of witness)
Dated this ______ day of _____________, 2_______
Simple Non Disclosure Agreement
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