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Blake Library
Special Collections
Acc #: _____________
Deed of Gift
Date: ____________________________
Donor: ____________________________
Relation to creator/collector of materials: ____________________________
Title/description of materials donated:
Extent of materials donated:
Transfer of Ownership
I/we ______________, as the sole and absolute owner(s) of the materials described here, do
hereby transfer my/our ownership of said materials to the Blake Library Special Collections.
Transfer of Copyright
I/we ______________ transfer all copyrights to the materials described here to the Blake Library
Special Collections as allowed by law under Federal copyright laws and Title 17 of the United
States Code. Blake Library Special Collections reserves the right to transfer to a third party the
right to quotations or publications of said materials.
No restrictions required on the materials donated
Restrictions apply to the materials donated:
Materials restricted: ____________________________
The donated materials include the following:
Student records
Tax records
Medical records
Legal case files relating to other parties
Government records with state or federal restrictions
Length of restriction: ____________________________
Special Collections Deed of Gift
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