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Standard Commercial Lease Agreement is a legal contract between a lessor and a lessee. This file contains sixteen pages, and it describes all items in detail. You should pay attention to this agreement no matter you are the tenant or the landlord. When there is any dispute arising in the future, you can have a look at this agreement to see whether there is a solution or not.

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Lease or any other agreement between the parties proves to have been false in any
material respect when made or furnished.
20.1.3. LESSEE is dissolved or its existence terminated; LESSEE
becomes insolvent, its business fails, or a receiver is appointed for any of LESSEE'S
property; LESSEE is generally not paying its debts as they become due; or LESSEE
makes an assignment for the benefit of its creditors or is the subject of any voluntary or
involuntary bankruptcy or insolvency proceeding.
20.1.4. Any of the occurrences set forth in Section 20.1.3. of this Lease
above occurs with respect to any guarantor or surety of LESSEE'S obligations.
20.1.5. LESSEE abandons the Premises, or the Premises or LESSEE'S
leasehold interest in the Premises are attached or taken under any court order or writ of
20.2. If LESSEE defaults, LESSOR may enforce its rights by an action for rent
and possession, unlawful detainer, or other legal remedy. LESSEE agrees that, notwithstanding
LESSOR'S possession of the Premises, LESSEE shall remain liable for and shall pay LESSOR
an amount equal to the entire rent payable to the end of the then-applicable term of this Lease.
This amount may either (a) be accelerated and become payable at once, or (b) become due and
be payable monthly, at the sole option of LESSOR. In addition, LESSEE shall be liable for and
shall pay to LESSOR any loss or deficiency sustained by LESSOR because of LESSEE'S
20.3. Notwithstanding LESSOR'S re-entry and possession of the Premises,
LESSOR, upon LESSEE'S default, shall have the right, without notice to LESSEE, and without
terminating this Lease, to make alterations and repairs for the purpose of reletting the Premises.
LESSOR may relet or attempt to relet the Premises or any part of the Premises for the remainder
of the then-applicable Lease term or for any longer or shorter period as opportunity may offer, to
such persons and at such rent as may be obtained. Nothing in this Lease shall require LESSOR to
relet or make any attempt to relet the Premises, and any reletting shall be done by LESSOR as
agent for LESSEE. In case the Premises are relet, LESSEE shall pay the difference between the
amount of rent payable during the remainder of the term and the net rent actually received by
LESSOR during the term after deducting all expenses for repairs, alterations, recovering
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