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Standard Commercial Lease Agreement is a legal contract between a lessor and a lessee. This file contains sixteen pages, and it describes all items in detail. You should pay attention to this agreement no matter you are the tenant or the landlord. When there is any dispute arising in the future, you can have a look at this agreement to see whether there is a solution or not.

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possession and reletting the same, which difference shall either (a) accrue and be payable
monthly, or (b) be accelerated and become payable at once, at LESSOR'S sole option.
20.4. No actions taken by LESSOR after LESSEE'S default shall be construed as
indicating a termination of this Lease. This Lease shall remain in full force and effect and shall
not be terminated unless LESSOR so elects in writing.
20.5. At LESSOR'S election, LESSOR may cure any default of LESSEE by
expending money, contracting for the making of repairs, purchasing insurance, or by any other
actions. If LESSOR takes any such actions, LESSEE will promptly, upon demand, reimburse
LESSOR for all of LESSOR'S expenses. All such expenses shall bear interest from the dates
they are incurred until the dates they are paid, at a rate of 10 percent (10%) per annum.
20.6. LESSOR shall be entitled to recover from LESSEE all of LESSOR'S
expenses in exercising any of its rights under this Lease, including without limitation LESSOR'S
reasonable attorney's fees.
20.7. All of LESSOR'S remedies are cumulative, and may be exercised
successively or concurrently, at LESSOR'S election.
21. WAIVERS: Any waiver, consent or approval on the part of LESSOR must be in
writing, and shall be effective only to the extent specifically set forth in the writing. No delay or
omission by LESSOR in the exercise of any right or remedy with respect to any one occasion
shall impair LESSOR'S ability to exercise the right or remedy in the same or on another
22. NOTICES: All notices or other communications shall be in writing signed by
the sender, and shall either be (a) personally delivered or (b) mailed by certified mail, at or to the
following addresses:
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