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U.S. Figure Skating is pleased to provide a standard nonqualifying competition announcement
for any figure skating club hosting a U.S. Figure Skating Sanctioned competition. Host figure
skating clubs using the same announcement templates provides the best experience for our
athletes for the following reasons:
Clarifies the competitive pipeline.
Allows skaters to have the same program for all events and compete under exactly the
same rules at any competition they attend.
Provides better quality judging as judges do not have to read different rules at different
Makes it easier for host clubs to put together announcements; it is a fill-in-the-blank
process, so there’s no need to worry about errors.
1. Download the document called “General Nonqualifying Competition Announcement” if you
are holding a singles or multi-discipline event. Download the “Synchronized Skating ONLY
Announcement” if you are only offering synchronized skating at your competition. This
document becomes the template for your announcement.
2. Go through each section, filling in the parts highlighted in yellow, and following the instructions
to personalize it to your competition.
3. Select the events that you would like to offer by choosing them from the list at Host clubs may choose as many or as few events as they would like
from the menu of options. In the template, the heading for each is listed. If you want to have an
event, go to the appropriate Event Template, then copy and paste the table on that sheet with
the levels and rules into your announcement. If you do not want an event, simply delete the
4. Make sure that you add in any appropriate information for your area using the list of
suggestions for “additional information” or “additional forms.”
6. Use the Word document template to display the watermark with the U.S. Figure Skating logo
reading “Standard U.S. Figure Skating Nonqualifying Competition.” This will show that your event
is a standard competition.
7. Determine your entry process and create your entry forms. In some cases this may include
creating your own Word documents, or in other cases, using a third party (or even a club
member) to create an online entry portal instead of entry forms.
5. Have your Chief Referee look over the announcement one more time to make sure it reflects
everything you want.
6. Go through the sanction application process below so you can launch your competition!
Standard Instruction Template
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