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In addition to following the outline provided, when preparing your written entry you must observe all of the following rules. The pur-
pose of these rules is to make competition as fair as possible among the participant teams. Refer to the Written Entry Checklist on
page 72 for a complete list of standards.
n The major emphasis of the prospectus is on the content. Drawings, illustrations and graphic presentations (where al-
lowed) will be judged for clarity, not artistic value.
n The participant will present the business plan proposal to the judge in a 15-minute presentation worth 100 points. (See
Presentation Judging.)
n The presentation begins immediately after the introduction of the participant to the judge by the adult assistant.
n The participant will spend not more than 15 minutes (after introductions) setting up visual aids and presenting the pro-
posal to the judge. The participant may bring a copy of the business plan proposal or note cards pertaining to the pro-
posal and use as reference during the presentation.
n If time remains, the judge may ask questions pertaining to the project.
n The participant may use the following items during the oral presentation:
not more than three (3) standard-sized posters not to exceed 22
/2 inches by 30
/2 inches each. Participant may use
both sides of the posters, but all attachments must fit within the poster dimensions.
one (1) standard-sized presentation display board not to exceed 36
/2 inches by 48
/2 inches.
one (1) desktop flip chart presentation easel 12 inches by 10 inches (dimensions of the page).
one (1) personal laptop computer.
cell phones/smartphones, iPods/MP3 players, iPads/tablets or any type of a hand-held, information sharing device will
be allowed in written events if applicable to the presentation.
sound, as long as the volume is kept at a conversational level.
n Only visual aids that can be easily carried to the presentation by the actual participant will be permitted, and the partici-
pant himself/herself must set up the visuals. No set-up time will be allowed. Participant must furnish his/her own materi-
als and equipment. No electrical power or Internet connection will be supplied.
n Materials appropriate to the situation may be handed to or left with judges in all competitive events. Items of monetary
value may be handed to but may not be left with judges. Items such as flyers, brochures, pamphlets and business cards
may be handed to or left with the judge. No food or drinks allowed.
n If any of these rules are violated, the adult assistant must be notified by the judge.
The participant, assuming the role of an entrepreneur, has prepared a plan to form a business. As the judge, you are to assume
the role of a potential source of capital for the business.
At the beginning of the presentation (after introductions), the participant will set up any visual aids and present the proposal.
Set-up time and presentation time are included in the 15 minutes. Allow the participant to complete this portion without inter-
ruption, unless you are asked to respond.
If time remains, you may ask questions that seem appropriate, based on your notes or on the written entry itself (to which you
may refer during the presentation).
The Presentation Evaluation Form follows the outline shown in the section entitled Presentation Guidelines, which explains in
greater detail what should be discussed in each part. Familiarize yourself with all of the guidelines before starting to evaluate
the presentation.
After the presentation, please thank the participant. Then complete the Presentation Evaluation Form, making sure to record
a score for all categories. The maximum score for the evaluation is 100 points. It may help to go through several entries before
actually starting to score the entries. Take notes on a separate sheet of paper if you wish to ask the participant about specific
areas of the proposal during the presentation.
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