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State Report
Assignment Outline
You will have TWO components to pass in:
1) Written report 2) Mini Display Board
All students will participate in a grade-wide “State Fair” presentation on Tuesday, May
Check when complete: Date
____ 1. Choose a state
My state will be _____________________ 4/1
____ 2. Review your report packet with your parents. Have your
parents sign your packet. 4/1
____ 3. Library Visits:
§ School Throughout
§ Plainville Public Library(or another public library)
You should locate books, reference materials, internet
Resources. The PPL staff is very helpful. Ask questions!
____ 4. Use the outline form to take NOTES 5/8
(Remember your lessons with Mrs. Lareau.)
____ 5. Write a report on your state according to the outline. 5/18
There is an example paragraph in your packet. Each note
section will be a written paragraph. The final copy may be
typed or written in neat cursive writing on white lined paper.
____ 6. Prepare a bibliography listing all sources of information. 5/18
____ 7. Prepare a mini display board for the Grade 4 State Fair. 5/20
Requirements are attached.
____ 8. Fill out the “State Information for State Fair” page in packet. 5/20
Study this information and be prepared to engage visitors
by sharing this information.
____9. You may prepare “handouts” for your visitors to your display. 5/20
NO food is allowed.
State Report Outline Free Word Download
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