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Statement of Work [SOW] Template
The Statement of Work (SOW) shall describe the intended division of research effort and activities in sufficient
detail to enable performance to be measured or assessed against goals or progress milestones. The SOW should be
completed by the Collaborator.
HJF PI Name: PI of the Prime Award
Collaborator to be performing Subaward
Subaward Title: Study of … [this could be the title of prime award; or a title that solely
reflects the technical work to be performed under the subaward]
Date/Revision # Date SOW submitted to HJF subaward team
Dr. PI, located at ______ [identify location of HJF PI on prime award], conducts research in the field of _____
[describe basic field of research], and is performing studies under prime award _______ [identify prime grant or
contract] to specifically study _____ [title of award or brief description of research in prime award]. Dr. PI will
utilize the technical expertise of Dr. Collaborator and _________ [Collaborators Institution] to meet the objectives
identified in the above mentioned study. Specifically, Dr. Collaborator will [described the specific goals of the work
to be performed by the Collaborator and how these goals support the objectives of the prime award.]
[Include in the background section the relationship Dr. Collaborator may have with other institutions which
relate to the work to be conducted under the subaward.]
The following tasks will be performed by the Collaborator to meet the objectives listed above. [Identify the
subaward project in terms of concrete, specific tasks or steps.]
1. Specifically describe what work will be conducted. This can be extracted from the prime award scientific
narrative – however, only include the work that will solely be performed by Dr Collaborator.
2. Identify methods, model systems, technical requirements, how to address unanticipated limitations, metrics
to assess, how to analyze/interpret data, how to present results, and the extent/nature of collaboration with
the PI.
3. The purpose of this section is to describe the work in sufficient, unambiguous detail so that is it completely
clear exactly what work needs to be conducted, how it will be accomplished, who will do it, when or in
what sequence it will be done, any desired results or anticipated outcomes, and how performance will be
4. The objective of this section is to articulate the technical objectives in sufficient detail and clarity to avoid a
future dispute over work that the collaborator may undertake (and submit invoices for payment) that may
not support the objectives of the identified prime award, or may require additional prime sponsor approval.
The deliverables are listed as follows [include specific timeframe for each deliverable].
1. Include a request for interim (monthly, quarterly, annual, as appropriate) and final technical reports.
Specify the expected content and format of the report. Specify when the reports should begin (ie, within a
certain period of time after the effective date of the subaward agreement).
2. Include a specific description of expected outcomes in terms of data, results, metrics, parameters, etc.
3. Include requests for tangible items such as samples or materials, or other outcomes such as surveys,
websites, statistical analyses, etc., that are expected as part of the subaward work.
4. The objective of this section is to describe the expected deliverables as thoroughly as possible to ensure that
the PI receives the anticipated outcome(s) to support the objectives of the prime award, based on the
amount budgeted for the subaward. This will assist in the review of Collaborator invoices and make ensure
appropriate payments for objectives that support the prime award.
Statement of Work Template
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