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How to reach Studielink
Studielink can be found through the
websites of participating institutions of
higher education, or directly via
How does Studielink work?
You must go through a number of steps
during the enrolment process.
Before you can use Studielink, you must
request for a Studielink username and
password. Go to and
select “Apply for username and password”.
As soon as you have received your
password you can start creating your
account. Go to “Log in via Studielink”,
change the password to your own personal
password and log in. Fill in and confirm
your personal details and go to your
personal ‘My Studielink’ page.
The next step is to add your previous
education. You can add this via ‘My
previous education’ – ‘Add previous
Your next To Do action task is to submit an
enrolment application. Here you state which
study programme you wish to take, at
which educational institution and when you
wish to start. For some study programmes
you must take part in a draw procedure or
in a selection process (decentralised
Now you have submitted an enrolment
application you will receive messages about
the verification of your personal details and
previous education. The institute of higher
education will give further instructions
about this procedure.
Submitting an enrolment application is your
first step towards enrolment via Studielink.
There may, however, be additional steps in
the enrolment process, including various
admission criteria.
You must in any case always take action
yourself to pay your tuiton fees. You cannot
be enrolled before payment of your tuition
fees has been made.
Check your “My To Do List” and the detail
page of your enrolment application in
Studielink regularly and keep watch for any
announcements. You should also check the
information brochure and/or the website of
your chosen institute of higher education to
find out any other steps you need to take.
Always carry out the tasks in your “My To
Do List” as soon as possible to avoid delays
in your enrolment.
Student grants / loans and Studielink
If you are eligible for a student grant or
loan you must submit a seperate request
for his at DUO. Click on the link “Apply for
student grant or loan from DUO” on your
“My Studielink” page, or go straight to the
DUO website,
Draw procedure and Studielink
If the study programme of your choice has
a draw procedure and / or decentralised
selection, there are also various other steps
in the process of application and enrolment.
You will find more information on the DUO
Information about the use of
On the right-hand side of every form in
Studielink you will find a ‘help tekst’ for
more explanation. If you still have any
questions you can use the option “I have a
question” that will lead you to the
Studielink Q&A at
If you still have questions after this, you
can ask your (future) institute of higher
Step-by-step instructions
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Step By Step Instruction Template
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