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William Kirk
147 Amity Avenue Nampa, ID 81937 (999) 999-9999 william @ email .
Welder / Fabricator
SUMMARY: Methodical welding professional with extensive experience in planning, laying-out,
welding and repairing steel products. Deep insight into applicable welding codes, specifications
and standards. Expert in operating manual and semi-automatic equipment to perform welding
and fabricating work. Familiar with custom fabrication, vessel welding, pipeline welding and
equipment repair.
Adept at handling brazing and soldering machine operations
• Working knowledge of technical orders, blueprints and specifications
• Assemblies
• Fabrication
• Diagrams interpretation
• Hydrostatics
• Template development
• Metallurgy
• Geometry
• Metal shaping
• Brazing
• Dismantling
• Cutting & Soldering
• Mathematical calculations
Welder ROBINS & MORTON, Nampa, ID | 5/2012 to Present
Consult job orders to comprehend assigned welding work
• Lay out and position parts and assemblies in accordance to specifications
• Weld components and assemblies using welding equipment and tools
• Cut pieces in accordance to work orders using powered saws and chipping knives
• Create heat to bond metals by using electrical currents
• Repair work pieces by dismantling, reshaping, straightening and reassembling parts
• Melt lead bars and wires and add lead to joints to mold them into reusable forms
• Use hammers to correct bulges in metal work pieces
• Handle metal reshaping, straightening and bending machines
• Operate brazing and soldering equipment to assist in performing welding work
• Repair improperly welded pieces and fabricate new parts
Key Achievements
• Removed 105 rough spots from a 10×10 work piece within the given deadline of 2 hours
• Developed 158 templates for common welding projects, making regular welding work time-
• Conducted 18 workshops aimed at training apprentices in the use of thermal cutting
Apprentice Welder| RRSI, Nampa, ID |11/2010 to 5/2012
Paid out and positioned parts to be welded according to specifications
• Welded components and assemblies using electric, gas and arc welding equipment
• Melted lead bars, wires and scrap for fabrication purposes
• Assisted in installing and repairing equipment such as lead pipes, valves and tank linings
• Determined needed equipment, tools and welding methods for each welding project
High School Diploma
Structural Welder Resume
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