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This activity was undertaken as a part of the National HE STEM Programme, via the South West Spoke. For more information on South West
Spoke projects, please see For more information on the overall national programme, please see
Your address
Your address
Your address
Contact Name or Department
Company Name
Dear Name or Dear Sir or Madam,
Job Title and Job Reference Number
Paragraph one should consist of your interest in applying for the post and how you saw the post advertised. This
should be followed by the reason why you are interested in both the position AND the company be specific. Do
research on the company what is it about this particular company that attracts you? Perhaps their culture and
reputation, do they have particular vision and mission statement, are they recognised for their training and
development opportunities? Have they recently introduced new technology that interests you? What is it about the
position that interests you? How could this role enable you to contribute to the company?
Paragraph two is for you to demonstrate how your knowledge and experience relate to the position and company
the skills you have and examples of how you put these skills into practice. This does not have to be in huge detail
as more information will be provided on your CV and/or application form but put your best case forward in the first
few lines to capture their attention and invite them to read further. Be passionate! If you recognise you have a
skills gap against the job description be honest and acknowledge it, but show you are willing and enthusiastic to
Paragraph three should be a conclusion of the first two paragraphs. Bring what they are looking for and what you
can deliver together; concluding that you would be delighted to hear from them with an opportunity to discuss your
application further.
Yours sincerely or faithfully,
Enc (if you have enclosed details)
Att (if you have attached details)
Student Cover Letter Template
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