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Ganesh Chandra Mouli
My passion towards the sustainability of environment started from an early age. Having resided in
different countries gave me exposure to the various facets related to the environment, where various
regions had differing attitudes and policies towards their local environment. From the abundant
tropical rainforests of Borneo islands to the arid regions of the Middle East and teeming cities of
India, energy requirements are varying and so are their impacts on the environment by harnessing
them. Coupled with my interest in sciences and technology, it inspired me to strive for a career in
the development of green technologies. My career goal is to see the implementation of these
technologies for achieving sustainability in the society. By the utilization of natures energy
resources, achieving minimal or no impact on the environment must be the goal for all the
industries in the coming decades. Achieving sustainability in the industrial processes can pave the
way to a greener tomorrow.
Personal Profile
Current Address: Wijbrand de Geeststraat-35, 8921AK, Email ID: ganesh.chandra[email protected]
Leeuwarden, Netherlands [email protected]
Languages: English, Tamil, Hindi and French Contact number: +31645779124
2012-2014 Wageningen University and Research Centre, Netherlands
Master of Environmental Sciences, Major: Environmental Technology
Courses completed
Environmental Analytical Techniques
Principles of Environmental Sciences
Research Methods in Environmental Science
Seminar Interdisciplinarity in Scientific Research and Education
Environmental Quality and Governance
Biological Processes for Resource Recovery
Water Treatment
Advanced Water Treatment and Re-use
Renewable Energy: Sources, Technology & Applications
Bioprocess Design
Course Credits attained: 63
Credits to be attained: 57(thesis & internship)
Total expected credits on completion: 120
2008-2012 Centre for Biotechnology, Anna University, Chennai, India
Bachelor of Technology in Industrial Biotechnology
Total Credits: 154
CGPA: 7.06 out of 10
2008 The Delhi Private School, Dubai, UAE
Central Board of Secondary Education
Grade 12 Board Examinations: 80.2%
Grade 10 Board Examinations: 84.6%
Student CV A4 Template
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