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Chemical Biology laboratory, Centre for Biotechnology,
Anna University June 2010-July2010
Aim of project: Employing Chemically Synthesized Porphyrin as a Fluorescent Tag for
Work done-
We synthesized porphyrin by Rothemund synthesis and Lindsey’s synthesis. It was
sulphonated using chlorosulphonic acid and dichloromethane. The zinc complex of the
sulphonated porphyrin was synthesized.
The Zn-complexed sulphonated porphyrin was incorporated in the bacterial cell membrane
(Escherichia coli used) and was used in fluorescence studies.
Result: Fluorescent activity of the Escherichia coli was observed under the fluorescent
microscope and enumeration of microbial consortia was done.
Project mentor: Dr. Gautam Pennathur
Computational Skills
Softwares: Microsoft Office, Design-Expert (DOE), MATLAB, BLAST, PSORT and
IVIUM (electrochemistry).
Operating Systems: Linux, Macintosh and Windows
Certifications & Achievements
Participation in inter-school cricket (Pepsi Sports Fiesta), 2005
Captain of the Amazon House, Delhi Private School, Dubai (2006)
Participation at the inter-school swimming tournaments (CBSE Zonal Meets), 2005-07
Runner up at Science and Technology Quiz, Anna University, Biotechcellence 2010
Head of the Green Committee, Biotechcellence 2011.
Only foreign participant in the student organized Strongman competition (Wageningen
University, 2013). Placed second in the below 80kg category.
Member of Association of Biotechnologists, Anna University, India.
Member of study association, Aktief Slip (Wageningen University, 2012-2014).
Member of physical training association, Wageningen Beasts (Wageningen University,
Active volunteer with Nizhal in Chennai, promoting cleanup drives and creating awareness
for protection of the local flora and fauna
Active volunteer with local turtle walks for saving the endangered Olive Ridley turtle
Sports: Powerlifting and Ultimate frisbee
Making clay models of various art ideas and concepts
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