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Directions for Submitting Recital Programs
Recital programs are prepared and printed by the Concert Production office, Bibbins 125. The
department recommends that programs be submitted to the office two weeks prior to the
performance date. This will ensure adequate time for editing and advertising on the Oberlin
Online Events Calendar. The longer a program is advertised in the Online Events Calendar, the
better chance performers will have of attracting an audience!
The following page contains a program template to be used for preparing recital programs.
There are 2 steps you will need to follow in order to successfully complete the processing of
your recital program:
Step 1
In the template below, highlight each item of text and then type over it with your own program
Note: It is very important to highlight and overwrite only one line/item of information at a time.
This will maintain the tabs/formatting in the template.
For example, if you are performing a senior recital, highlight and type over the title line at the
top of the program so that it reads “Senior Recital”.
Enter the name of the performance venue by highlighting the wordsKulas Recital Hall” and
then type the name of the venue you will be using (ie: Warner Concert Hall, Stull Recital Hall,
etc). Proceed with editing the other information pertaining to your performance (ie: date and
Note: You do not need to enter a “Concert No.” This will be added by Concert Production.
Continue filling in the template with the titles/movements of the pieces, composers, composer
dates, and accompanists. Please include the full names of any transcribers or arrangers.
Step 2
Once you have finished entering your program information in the template below, save the file
as a Word Document (.doc or .docx) and print out a paper copy of the recital program. Take the
paper copy to your applied teacher for proofing and final approval. Your teacher must sign the
paper copy indicating final approval of the program. If your teacher has corrections, make the
changes to your program file and then e-mail the revised document as an attachment to
Note: For additional important info regarding tuning, stage setups, recordings, etc., students
should reference
Once the Concert Production Department has received the following two items, your program
will be processed for printing:
1. faculty signed paper copy of your program
2. e-mail attachment (.doc or .docx) of your faculty-approved program sent
***Programs will be processed in the order they are received.
Note: No dedications or personal messages of any type may appear on the printed program.
(See Conservatory Faculty Guide, p. 46). A performer wishing to make a dedication or other
statement may provide a separate program insert to be distributed with the printed programs.
If you have any questions, please contact Concert Production for assistance at
[email protected] or (440) 775-8610.
Student Program Template
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