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Summary Curriculum Vitae
Mailing Address: United Nations Service Building, 3rd Floor
Rajdamnern Nok, Bangkok 10200
GPO Box 618, Bangkok 10501, Thailand
Email Address: [email protected];
Professional Profile
20 years of progressive professional experience in risk reduction and recovery in the Asian
region with advanced expertise in community based disaster risk management. Experience in
developing and conducting international training courses, managing and coordinating regional
projects and, providing technical advisory services to UNDP country office and International
Non-Government Agencies in strategic and programme planning and capacity development in
disaster risk management.
Field and country experience
Knowledge of and extensive work experience in South, South East and North Asia - China,
Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Myanmar, Timor-Leste, Viet Nam.
Language proficiency in Tagalog and English
Competencies & Achievements
1. Coordination and management: Effective coordination and management of technical regional
project team. In successive years since 2005, the team has consistently delivered results. The
team’s client orientation has been noted in a number of client surveys undertaken by mid-
term reviews, audits and feedback from country offices on the quality of services provided.
2. Practice Leadership: Contributed to the UN’s Flagship publication the Global Assessment
Report (GAR) on Disaster Risk Reduction in 2009 & 2011. Developed a Primer for Capacity
Development in Disaster Risk Reduction (2011). Partnered with IOC-UNESCO to develop
the Guidelines for Tsunami Risk Assessment and Mitigation (2009) adopted by 28 member
countries. Developed Regional Standard Operating Procedures for tsunami early warning in
the Indian ocean” (2009). In collaboration with BCPR-DRT, have actively contributed to
Community of Practice - DRM-Asia- since it was founded, by moderating e-discussions, and
facilitating sessions during CoP annual meetings.
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