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1. Make popsicles out of your favorite fruit juice.
2. Put on a sock puppet show. (Use markers, buons, ribbon, and yarn to create your puppet personalities.)
3. Set up a lemonade stand and donate the money to a charity that advocates for kids (such as Compassion
4. Make a comic book out of sidewalk chalk.
5. Check movie listings for matinees for kids and families during the week.
6. Make a cardboard fort. (Ask an appliance store to save a few boxes for you.)
7. Have a moonlight picnic in your backyard.
8. Go on a hike.
9. Have fun with face paint.
10. Make s’mores around a fire pit or over a BBQ.
11. Check the web or local papers for low-cost or free museum days.
12. Join a library reading program.
13. Write leers and draw pictures to send to family members.
14. Camp out in a living room pillow fort.
15. Have a Wii dance/karaoke competition.
16. Make an iPhone movie by acting out your favorite storybook.
17. Have a mini pizza cook-off with English muffins and mini ingredients (mini pepperoni, tiny chopped
veggies, etc.). Slice into quarters and share.
18. Buy your lunch at the farmers’ market.
19. Host a field day/potluck picnic at the park with other families in your neighborhood.
20. Play Pictionary.
21. Play Sculptionary (it’s like Pictionary, but instead of drawing you have to build something out
of play dough).
22. Plan a night of meteor watching at hp://
23. Create a photo shoot with dress-up accessories (feather boas, sunglasses, mustaches, etc.).
24. Take a family bike ride. For an evening ride in the park, use glow-in-the-dark necklaces to decorate
the bikes.
25. Have kids make a list of their favorite meals/snacks/lunches to help plan meals.
Summer Bucket List Template
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