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Team Sales Meeting Agenda Template
Note: This template is designed to be filled-out on the go, thus resulting in balanced, highly-relevant weekly agenda that
are based on issues of the day. While each box or category might not be a part of every meeting, its best to use include
as many categories as is practical and possible each week.
Corporate/ HR announcements, policy statements, status reports, market business plan, etc
Consensus, summary, Q&A, feedback and follow-up items/delegation of activities
Report on team goals and status (how are we doing vs. plan, what is going well, sales issues, etc.)
Information relative to industry, competition, or bigger picture issues
Education: discuss selling techniques, account management strategies, best practices or
analytics based on issues of the day / team status
Plan for upcoming week or two (based on status of sales-to-date, pipeline, sales technique etc.)
Brief individual reports on activity, plans; Score-boarding…” (Track key metrics such as contacts made
past week, # presentations, # orders booked, etc.)
Problems to resolve
Input from guest (i.e., subject expert, channel partner, engineering, etc.)
Team Sales Meeting Agenda Template
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