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(You’re Name)
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Re: Notice to Vacate
Dear Landlord’s Name or Property Management Company),
This letter is to notify you of my intention to vacate the above-mentioned house/apartment in
______ days. I will be out on ___/___/___, the end of my current lease.
Conform the terms of our lease agreement the house/apartment will be left clean and in good
condition. So, I expect that my security deposit of $____________, given to you on
___/___/___, will be refunded in full at the time I deliver the keys.
I wish to vacate the apartment for _____________________________________(reason). If
you have any questions, or need schedule an inspection of the apartment/house during this
period I can be reached at ______________. My forwarding address will be
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(You’re Name)
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Tenants 30 Days Notice Template
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