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Tennessee Lease Agreement Form is a lease agreement applied in the state of Tennessee. In this lease agreement, the Lessor is Tennessee Board of Regents, abbreviated to TBR. This lease agreement contains twenty items in total. Since the lessor is the state, Institution Executive, System Executive, Attorney General and Governor should sign their names at the lease. This lease agreement should be signed under the supervision of WITNESS.

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Based on Jan ’05 Std 40525-1 page 1 of 4
Lessor Agreement Form
This Instrument Prepared By:
Tennessee Board of Regents
Suite 350
1415 Murfreesboro Road
Nashville, Tennessee 37217-2833
This Lease, entered into as of this __________ day of _______________________,
__________, made by and between
hereinafter called the Lessee, and
the Tennessee Board of Regents, on behalf of
hereinafter called the State.
1. LOCATION: The State hereby leases unto the Lessee those certain premises with the
appurtenances situated in the
County of
, City of
, located at
2. DESCRIPTION: The premises above are more particularly described as follows:
3. U
SE: The above described premises will be used by the Lessee for the purpose of
and for no other purpose whatsoever. In using the premises, the Lessee shall comply with
all federal, state, and local laws and rules and regulations, as well as the policies of the
Tennessee Board of Regents.
4. TERM: The term of this lease shall commence on
and shall end on
with such rights of termination as are hereinafter set forth. If the date of occupancy is other
than the commencement date, then the rental period shall begin with the date of occupancy,
provided that the rental period shall begin no later than thirty (30) days after the space is
made available to the Lessee in accordance with the conditions of this lease.
(TBR institution is Lessor)
Administrative use only:
Allotment Code:
Tennessee Lease Agreement Form
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