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[Your Name]
[Street Address]
[City, St Zip]
[Optional – Email Address]
[Todays Date]
[Name of Recipient]
[City, St Zip]
Dear [Name of Recipient], (Consider using Mr./Ms. and their last name)
[Introduction - Start your letter off by expressing sincere appreciation for the chance to interview
for the position. Also, communicate your excitement and interest in the position.]
[Use this paragraph to highlight your skills or qualifications that make ideal for the job. This is
another chance to sell yourself.]
[Optional - This paragraph can be used to clarify a topic that may have gone poorly during the
interview or to provide additional information not discussed during the interview. ]
[Conclusion – Finish by reiterating your appreciation for the interview. You can also mention that
you are looking forward to hearing from them or to the next step in the hiring process. Consider
adding your phone number and indicating you would be willing to answer any additional
questions. ]
Sincerely, [or Respectfully,]
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Thank You Letter for Interview
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