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“Insert Name of the Position”
THIS CONTRACT (“Contract”) is entered into this [Insert the Date] by and between
[Insert the institution Name] (“the Client”) having its principal place of business at
[Insert the City or region Name] West Bank, and [Insert the consultant Name] (“the
WHEREAS, the Client wishes to have the Consultant performing the services hereinafter
referred to, and
WHEREAS, the Consultant is willing to perform these services,
NOW THEREFORE THE PARTIES hereby agree as follows:
1. Services (i) The Consultant shall perform the services specified in Annex
A, “Terms of Reference and Scope of Services,” which is
made an integral part of this Contract (“the Services”).
(ii) The Consultant shall provide the reports listed in Annex B,
“Consultant's Reporting Obligations,” within the time
periods listed in such Annex, and the personnel listed in
Annex C, “Cost Estimate of Services, List of Personnel and
Schedule of Rates” to perform the Services. Not Applicable
2. Term The Consultant shall perform the Services during the period
commencing [Insert the contract validation period (from)] and
continuing through [insert the contract ending Date (to)] or any
other period as may be subsequently agreed by the parties in writing.
3. Payment A. Ceiling
For Services rendered pursuant to Annex A, the Client shall
pay the Consultant an amount not to exceed a ceiling of
[Insert the contract amount during the period] US $ (write the
contract amount in words). This amount has been
established based on the understanding that it includes all of
the Consultant’s costs and profits as well as any tax
obligation that may be imposed on the Consultant. The
payments made under the Contract consist of the
Consultant's remuneration as defined in sub-paragraph B
below and of the reimbursable expenditures as defined in
sub-paragraph C below.
B. Remuneration
The Client shall pay the Consultant for Services rendered at
the rate(s) per man/month spent, in accordance with the
Time Base Contract Sample
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