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Dear visitor!
Your holidays in Arillas have been our concern for a number
of years. We hope that with your help and cooperation we
can make your stay here even more enjoyable. We would
like to ask for your help and thank you in advance for filling
out this form.
We would also like to stress that all data will be used
EXCLUSIVELY for the needs of the present research.
We hope after this research to be able to create officially
the “Arillas profile” so that any one related to Arillas can be
advised and steered in the right direction about any
development that needs (or doesn’t need) to take place in
Our union was founded in February 2011 by 53 business
owners of the area. The aim of this action are to help our
area create and maintain a well balanced business
environment between the Arillas visitors, the local people
and the local authorities.
Tourism questionnaire
for Arillas and surrounding area
Arillas Business association
Tourism Questionnaire
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