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Tourist Destination Questionnaire
Dear Sir or Madam!
Good morning/afternoon and welcome to our tourist destination. We are pleased that you decided to stay here. If you have
spent at least one night at our destination we kindly ask you to participate in a survey which will help us make your future
stay here even more pleasant. The interview will take about 10-15 minutes and is conducted anonymously.
1. How did you arrive to Slovenia? (mark the appropriate answer)
1. By car.
2. By bus.
3. With low-cost airline.
4. With major airline.
5. By train.
6. Other, what: _____________________________________
2. Where did you hear about this tourist destination? (mark the appropriate answer, more answers possible)
1. I already knew of it.
2. The Internet.
3. Friends and relatives.
4. Media.
5. Books and guides.
6. Travel agency.
7. Fairs and/or exhibitions.
8. It was part of the travel package.
9. Other, what: ____________________________________
3. Is this your first visit to this tourist destination? (mark the appropriate answer)
1. No. → How many times have you visited this tourist destination in the past? ____________________
2. Yes.
4. How many nights are you planning to stay at this tourist destination: _________
5. What are the main reasons for your visit to this tourist destination? (mark the appropriate answer)
1. Rest and relaxation.
2. Visiting relatives and friends.
3. Business reasons.
4. Attending a conference, congress, seminar, and other forms of educations.
5. Culture.
6. Fun.
7. Sports and recreation.
8. Health.
9. Religious reasons.
10. Other, what : ___________________________________
Tourist Destination Questionnaire
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