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Townhouse Rental Agreement (Busch Family Enterprise L.L.C)
Kathy Busch, as owner of; Tucson Arizona 8571 3 will
rent to
for the
purpose of a personal residence, beginning on and ending on .
Occupancy is limited to the named above
Application : $25.00 ea.
Rent $ Security Deposit $
Pet rent Pet Deposit
TOTAL MONTHLY RENT $ Preparation Charge $
Pet Cleaning /Sanitizing
RENT PAYMENT: The rent shall be $ per month on or before the 1
day of each month , which is
payable for the exact amount.. Rent must be mailed by the 25
of every month to: 810 N. Via Roma, Tucson Az, 85745.
Resident will pay as additional rent no later than the next rental payment date:
1. $ 35.00 if the rent is not received by the 2nd (by 8:00p.m.) and $5.00 per day for each additional day the rent is
2. $ 35.00 for each non-sufficient fund check returned by the Resident’s bank and thereafter all future rent and charges shall
be paid only in the form of cashier’s check or money order;
3. $ 55.00 minimum charge for cleaning drain stoppages caused by foreign objects.
4. The cost of repairs caused by damage due to act of neglect (not reporting repair needs or water leakage) by Resident or
damage done by Resident’s guests.
Resident’s failure to pay any rent or other charge due may provide basis for termination of this Rental Agreement at the option
of Management. Resident further agrees that Management has the exclusive right to determine how Resident’s payments are
applied towards the various monetary obligations of this Rental Agreement.
MOVE-OUT CHARGES: Resident may be present for move-out inspection upon request to management. Resident agrees
if cleaning is needed that move-out charges will be determined as follows:
Clean range and oven Clean sink (kitchen $ 20 Clean cabinets and Ea. bedroom = $ 20
exterior and burner or bath) = $ 20 drawers $ 20 /opening Remove
trash =$ 20 area= $ 20
Patch/repaint holes=$ 20 Empty cabinets /drawers Empty refrig.= $ 20
Clean oven interior$ 20 Clean tub/shower=$ 20 $ 20 opening Clean refrig. = $
20 Clean broil pan=$ 20 Clean floors$ 50 Clean toilet$ 20
Defrost refrig. =$ 20 Lost keys =$ 12 /key Missing Pool key $ 50
Additional charges will be made for damages beyond normal wear, missing items and /or excessive cleaning.
AGREEMENT AND ACCEPTANCE: Resident agrees (1) to live within the spirit and letter of this entire agreement including the Rental
Application; ( 2) that each obligation of this Agreement is material and a violation of any obligation entitles Management to terminate
this agreement and /or exercise any other legal rights it may possess; (3) that the Resident designated below as “Agent” shall deliver the total
rent due each month to Management, and (4) upon written notice from Management, this Agreement will convert to a month to month
tenancy if false and/or misleading information is contained in the Rental Application
Tenants Date The Castle Property Management Kathy Busch 903-2402
Townhouse Rental Agreement
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