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ACCESS: Except in case of emergency or if it is impracticable to give notice, Management will not enter Resident’s apartment without prior notice Resident
further agrees that their notification to Management of a service or maintenance request grants Management authority to enter the apartment at all reasonable
times for the purpose of that request. Management must have advanced written permission from Resident to open Resident’s apartment for others (i.e.
delivery, friends, etc.). Resident is aware that under these circumstances Management is not responsible for lost or stolen articles, damage or doors left
unlocked. Tenants hereby grant permission to Landlord to show the premises to prospective tenants or workmen, given a 48 hours verbal or written notice by the
Move-in will be no earlier than noon and move-out is no later than 3:00 p.m
BREAKING THE LEASE: Tenant will pay a $250 breaking the lease fee and is responsible to locate a suitable tenant before legally being released from the
existing contract. New applicants will be approved based on existing criteria of management. The fee will be submitted when intentions to break the lease
is requested in writing and breaking the lease contract will be approved based on no gaps in rental income.
FAIR HOUSING ACCOMODATIONS: This Community is dedicated to honoring Federal and Arizona Fair Housing laws. Accommodations will be
made/ allowed as reasonably necessary to the policies and regulation of the community in order to enable Residents with disabilities to utilize the rental
premises. The Community reserves the right to require reasonable medical evidence of the disability and that the requested accommodation is necessary.
The resident may be required to restore the premises to their prior condition if failure to make restoration would interfere with the owners or next tenant’s use
and enjoyment of the premises.
RESIDENTS POLICIES; (A) Resident shall not decorate or alter the apartment, patio , change door locks, add a new lock, have waterbed, sublet or park a
motorized vehicle in the apartment, without written permission from Management. (B) Resident further agrees to comply with state statutes and city
ordinances, which are applicable to the premises. (C) Resident shall show due consideration for his neighbors and not interfere with other resident’s quiet
enjoyment, and Management shall be the sole judge of acceptable conduct. (D) Resident has carefully inspected the premises and finds them to be in a
clean, rentable, undamaged condition except as may be noted otherwise. Resident agrees to exercise reasonable care in the use of the premises and maintain
and redeliver the same in a clean, safe and undamaged condition. (E) Resident is responsible for the conduct of all occupants, guests, or visitors.
ABANDONMENT: Abandonment means either: (1) The Resident’s absence from the premises for at least seven consecutive days, rent being at least ten
days past due; and the lack of any reasonable evidence that Resident is occupying the premises; or (2) Resident’s absence from the premises for at least five
days, rent being at least five days past due, and the absence of the Resident’s personal property from the dwelling unit. Such abandonment shall not
constitute a “ surrender” without the consent of Management and in the event of abandonment, Management shall be entitled to all remedies at law or in
equity, which provides that if personal property is abandoned by the Resident and determined by Management to be of less value than the cost of moving,
storing and conducting a sale of such personal property, Management may otherwise dispose of any or all of the abandoned property as allowed by law.
OPTION TO RENEW/RENT INCREASE: At expiration of this lease, this lease will automatically renew on a month-to-month basis under the same terms
and conditions unless Resident gives Management a 30 day prior written notice of Resident’s intent to vacate by delivering to Management a vacate notice, or
unless Management, at its sole option, chooses not to renew this lease, and in such cases, Resident agrees to vacate on the expiration date of lease. The rent
may increase upon the expiration date if a 30-day prior written notice of such an increase is provided to Resident. A specific length lease of greater than one
month but no longer than one year may be required for continued occupancy.
INDEMNIFICATION: Management shall not be liable for any damage or injury to the Resident or any other person, or to any property, occurring on the
premises, or any part thereof, or in the common areas thereof, unless such damage or injury is the result of negligence or unlawful acts of Management, its
agents or employees. Management is only liable for those claims for damages and injuries for which it is legally responsible. Resident shall be responsible
for obtaining fire, extended coverage, and liability insurance with respect to the contents of the apartment. Resident understands that Management’s
insurance does not cover Resident’s belongings from losses not caused by Management’s negligence and Management encourages Resident to obtain an
all-risk policy in addition to marking all valuables for “Operation Identification”.
WAIVER: Failure of Management to insist upon strict compliance with the terms of this Rental Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of Management’s
right to act on any violation.
ATTORNEY’S FEES: In the event of legal action to enforce compliance with this Rental Agreement, the prevailing party may be awarded court costs and
reasonable attorney’s fees.
SEVERABILITY: If any provision of this Rental Agreement is invalid under applicable law, such provisions shall be ineffective to the extent of such
invalidity only, without invalidating the remainder of this Rental Agreement.
REMEDIES CUMULATIVE: All remedies under this Rental Agreement or by law or equity shall be comulative.
SECURITY: Resident hereby agrees and acknowledges that Management shall not provide and shall have no duty to provide any security services to
Resident or the community. Resident shall look solely to the public police force for security protection and Resident agrees and acknowledges that
protection against criminal action is not within the power of Management and, even if from time to time Management provides security services, those
services cannot be relied upon by Resident and shall not constitute a waiver of, or in any manner modify that above agreement. Management shall not be
liable for failure to provide adequate security services or for criminal or wrongful actions by others against Resident, Residents relatives or Resident’s guests.
PROPERTY DAMAGE: Resident agrees that if apartment is not returned in the same condition as Resident received it , less fair wear and tear as determined
by Management, Resident will be charged Management’s cost to repair. Personal property remaining after move out will be disposed of without
OTHER: Resident agrees to pay any unpaid preparation fee, late charges, NSF check charges, lost key charges, or other unpaid charges at time of move out.
Tenant Act can be obtained by the Secretary of State.
GENERAL PROVISIONS: This lease is the entire agreement between the parties and Management, others have no authority to waive, amend or terminate
this lease or any part of it and no authority to make promises, representation or agreements which impose duties of security or other obligations on the Owner
unless done in writing, Initial/ date
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