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Trailer Rental Agreement is a very simple contract. This file is only one page but contains all the basic questions you may face in the future. This file is written by the renter to declare his or her agreement to use the owners' trailer in expenses of some fees. Signing this file also means that the trailer becomes responsible for any and all bodily injury and property damage that may occur while it is in his possession.

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I, _________________________________________________, hereby agree to use the
Owners’ trailer on _________________________for $1.00 and other valuable
consideration. It will be used only to move property into Climate Control Indoor
Storage and only within Washtenaw County. Trailer shall be returned by 5:00pm
at the end of the day of rental.
I agree that I am responsible for any & all bodily injury or property damage that
may occur while it is in my possession. Further, I agree to hold the owner absolutely
harmless from any responsibility for any claim whatsoever during the time of my
The value of the trailer is hereby agreed to be $3500. I agree to pay the owner up to
$3500 for any damage to it. Repair costs will be determined solely by Brown’s
Trailer, Incorporated of Clinton, Michigan.
The trailer shall not be moved with other than a 2’ ball hitch.
The trailer shall not be moved without its lights in full operation. Use a 4 prong
connector (3 and 1).
No one other than the person signing below will move the trailer.
Social Security# _______________________________________
Drivers License # ______________________________________
Copy of Vehicle Registration ________attached_______________
Copy of Certificate of Insurance _____attached_______________
Copy of Drivers License ____________attached
Name/Driver ________________________________________________
Signature _____________________________________________
Telephone # _______________________________Storage Unit Number_____
Date _______________________
Signature of Climate Control representative
Trailer Rental Agreement
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