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This is a user satisfaction survey questionnaire, which contains four main parts. It is usually used in technology companies and Internet companies to get the feedback of their users. By collecting the feedback and opinions of the users, they could improve their users' experiences. Anyone who is interested in this kind of file could download this free questionnaire from our website to create your survey questionnaire.

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The Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) became a semi-autonomous Public Service Institution in 1985, with the enactment of PNDC law 135, to
provide a wide range of statistical products and services for policy decision making, and monitoring and evaluation of national development
programmes as well as international initiatives. The effective performance of this role is determined by the relevance, quality and reliability of
the data produced by GSS. Users will be satisfied if they find official statistics reliable and useful for their purposes. This will in turn generate
further interest in more statistical products and services. A means of finding out whether stakeholders are satisfied with the statistical products and
services offered by GSS is to conduct a User Satisfaction Survey. The Survey will assess users/stakeholders’ perceptions and opinions about GSS
products and services. Results from the survey will inform strategies for determining the relevance and improving on the quality, reliability and
acceptability of statistical products and services in general.
The GSS wishes to assure you that the information provided will remain confidential to GSS and will not be disclosed, published or
disseminated in a manner that will violate the GSS law of confidentiality.
User Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire
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