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Coastal Community Action Program
Vehicle Maintenance Plan
Mission Statement
Coastal Community Action Program’s (CCAP) vehicle maintenance mission is to effectively and efficiently
provide safe, clean, reliable and comfortable vehicles for use by its clients and operators.
Preventative Maintenance (PM) Program
The emphasis of CCAP’s maintenance program is preventive rather than reactive maintenance. A strong
preventive maintenance program effectively reduces overall maintenance costs by decreasing the
number of road calls and the high cost of unpredictable repairs caused by reactive maintenance. The PM
schedule and requirements are based upon vehicle type and manufacture recommendations. As the
manufacturer mileage recommendations are consistently meet prior to the time recommendations PM
schedules are based on mileage.
Maintenance is performed at specific mileage increments (levels) with specific elements performed every
6, 12, 30, 60 and 102 thousand miles. Level A (6,000) encompasses the engine fluids and tires. Level B
(12,000) includes Level A maintenance, the brake system, CV joints, front suspension and the exhaust
system. Level C (30,000) includes Level A and the engine air cleaner filter. Level D (60,000) includes
Level A and C and the transaxle filter and fluid. Level E (102,000) includes Level A and B, engine
coolant, ignition cables and spark plug replacement.
CCAP staff continually review the maintenance practices to identify potential improvements to the
program. This assures optimum benefits from the scheduled inspections, maximizes useful vehicle life,
reduces maintenance costs and ensures that CCAP vehicles remain in safe operating condition
On-Time Inspection Variance
Because of the need to schedule maintenance through an outside vendor, the allowable variance with all
preventive maintenance inspections is a minus 750 miles to a plus 750 miles. Any inspection completed
within this parameter is considered on time.
CCAP Transportation Tracking Protocols
The Transportation Coordinator (TC) is responsible for developing the PM schedule for each type of
vehicle WSDOT legally owns and for ensuring all PM activities are completed in a timely manner and are
consistent with manufacture’s recommendations.
CCAP utilizes the services of outside venders to perform all maintenance. The TC shall ensure that the
vendors are properly briefed as to the extent of the particular PM being performed. Additionally the TC
conducts a semi annual physical inspection of each vehicle in January and July.
Each driver is required to conduct a pre and post trip inspection on his/her assigned vehicle each day
using the Daily Van Inspection Report (DVIR) developed in cooperation with the WUTC. Multiple drivers
may use the same vehicle on a given day and each driver complies with this requirement for his/her use.
The driver records any problem on the DVIR and calls the TC if conditions requiring immediate attention
are discovered. The TC reviews each completed DVIR and schedules work with outside vendors as
The completed documentation for all preventive maintenance consists of the vendor generated
performance/documentation sheets and the CCAP PM sheet completed by the TC based upon the
vendor performance/documentation sheets. (Necessary because vendors often neglect to fill out
additional outside paperwork while performing vehicle maintenance) Vehicle number, date, mileage and
Vehicle Maintenance Schedule Template
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