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The following addendum is incorporated into and made a part of Research Foundation
Purchase Order Number R_________.
1. Work and/or Services to be Provided
All goods and/or services provided hereunder shall in all respects comply with
the description set forth on the face of the above referenced Purchase Order, and with
the description of services as described in the “Scope of Work and Payment Schedule”,
labeled Exhibit A, which is attached to and incorporated herein.
2. Designated Contacts
The FOUNDATION’s designated contact point for questions which VENDOR
may have regarding the training or technical issues relating to this procurement
agreement is its project director/manager, ___________________. FOUNDATION’s
contact point for questions concerning payment of approved invoices is Office of
Sponsored Funds Accounting. The VENDOR’s contact person is
3. Term
The goods and/or services which are being procured hereunder shall be provided
during the period _______________through ______________, unless terminated
sooner or extended by mutual consent of the parties hereto in accordance with
provisions set forth elsewhere in this agreement.
4. Compensation and Payment
The FOUNDATION shall reimburse VENDOR up to (in words-ALL CAPS)
_____________________________________________________ DOLLARS and
_________CENTS ($_________________) for goods and/or services pursuant to this
procurement agreement. The actual amount payable to VENDOR shall be the amount
of allowable costs which are incurred by VENDOR to carry out the work/services
covered by this procurement agreement. The FOUNDATION shall reimburse VENDOR
per the terms of the attached Payment Schedule upon submission of an itemized
invoice(s) to the campus address identified below. Invoices shall be submitted after
successful completion of the training/deliverables, will reference the FOUNDATION’s
purchase order number R __________and should be sent to: (department contact)
name, department, University at Albany, State University of New York,
Building/room, 135 Western Avenue/1400 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12222.
Vendor Agreement Template
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