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This Subvendor Agreement is made as of the ___ day of _____ ,2013 by Axius
Technologies Inc (“Axius”), and (“Subvendor Company”), Federal Tax identification number
, which is a valid corporation, incorporated under the laws of the state of _________ , doing business as
A. Axius has entered into an agreement (as it exists from time to time, the “Client Agreement”) to
provide services to such Client of Axius as is identified in the Work Order attached hereto (the
B. Axius wishes to engage Subvendor as an independent agent to perform certain services on
behalf of Axius for the Client, and Subvendor wishes to perform such services as an independent
Agent to Axius, all on the terms set forth in this Agreement and the Work Order.
Accordingly, Axius and Subvendor agree as follows:
Article 1. Use of this Agreement. The services to be performed under this Agreement will be
defined through Work Orders that are signed by an Authorized Representative of Subvendor and an
Authorized Representative of Axius. This Agreement provides the basic terms which apply to all Work
Article 2. Services to be performed. Axius hereby retains Subvendor to perform services for
Axius or its Client as set forth in the Work Order attached hereto and any additional Work Order that may
be entered into in the future prior to the termination of this agreement, and Subvendor agrees to perform
such services utilizing the Subvendor consultant(s) specified in the applicable Work Order.
Article 3. Compensation to Subvendor.
3.1 Fees.
3.1.1 The relevant Work Order shall indicate whether the compensation for Subvendor
for the services performed by Subvendor will be based on a fixed fee as set forth
in that Work Order or will be based on time and materials in accordance with the
rates set forth in that Work Order. Axius will pay Subvendor’s invoices, rendered
as provided below, within 40 days after Axius’s receipt of those invoices and
corresponding Client-approved time card.
3.1.2 The terms of this subsection shall apply when compensation is to be on a time-
and-materials basis. Unless otherwise specified in the relevant Work Order, Axius
shall pay for the time spent by Subvendor in performing services. Subvendor shall
invoice Axius in the following form:
1 Initial and Date ______________
A. Subvendor Invoices to Axius MUST:
Vendor Non Compete Agreement
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