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This resource sheet provides examples of questions which may be included in a
questionnaire used in a survey of visitors to an outdoor recreation site.
The type of questions included in your survey will have been determined when setting your
visitor monitoring objectives. The following pages suggest how the questions might be
phrased and include possible categories of answers. The exact wording of the questions
and the range of responses may need to be adapted to the circumstances of your site.
It is recommended that the maximum length of a questionnaire should be no more than 6 or
7 pages. Beyond this length, the amount of time that it will take to complete will have a
negative effect on response rates.
The questionnaire should include a short introduction and a conclusion, which should be
tailored to suit your specific circumstances.
Example introduction:
To help us to continue to look after SITE NAME for you to experience and enjoy, we’d greatly appreciate it if you
could take the time to complete the following questionnaire. You can answer the questions by putting a tick
the box(es) or by writing in the space provided.
Example conclusion:
Thank you for completing this questionnaire and we hope that you have enjoyed your visit.
The questionnaire should also provide instructions on what to do with the questionnaire once
it has been completed e.g. place in a box, return using freepost envelope.
The example questions have been grouped as follows:
General questions - these questions provide basic information on the profile of
visitors, and the characteristics of their visits, to your site.
More detailed questions these questions provide more in depth information about
the visitors and their trip, including investigating marketing opportunities, motivations,
satisfaction levels and areas for improvement. These questions can be tailored to
your particular research requirements.
Notes about the questions
Information about respondent
12. Postcode - collecting a full postcode as part of the information about the respondent can
allow you to undertake an analysis of where people live and their demographics (by using a
geodemographic analysis).
Finding out more about patterns of visits
13. Seasonal spread of visits –To find out more about how often individuals visit the site at
different times of year this question may be used.
If survey work is undertaken during the spring/summer months information regarding overall
frequency of visit will be obtained from Question 7. Adding this question will allow more
information to be obtained on frequency of visit at particular times of year.
Visitor Survey Questions
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