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Creator of Unique, Hand Stitched Artworks
Textile Art… Discover the Possibilities!
Jean M. Judd, NSA
2807 State Road 87, Cushing, WI 54006
Phone: (715) 566-0212
Artist Résumé
When art collectors and gallerists see my textile artworks for the first time, they call them unframed paintings. Thread on
textile is my medium, much as "oil on canvas" or "acrylic on hard board" is a painter's medium. The medium of my work
can be further defined by the ground used: commercial textile, hand dyed textile or rust pigmented textile. The thread is
applied to these grounds using a small needle in a time-intensive process.
Current & Recent Exhibitions:
2015 Exhibitions:
WVA Contemporary Views at the Lawton Gallery in Green Bay, Wisconsin. October 8 - 29, 2015. Selected artwork:
Moon Shadow.
Wichita National All Media Craft Exhibition 2015 at the Wichita Center for the Arts in Wichita, Kansas. August 28
through October 18, 2015. Selected artwork: Twirling Leaves #2.
After Dark IV 2015 National Juried Exhibition, Greg Moon Art Gallery, Taos, New Mexico: June 6 27, 2015.
Selected artwork: Last Angel.
Healing Arts Solo Exhibition: From Rust to Art, Hudson Hospital, Hudson, Wisconsin: May 20 to August 16, 2015.
2015 Gateway to Imagination: A National Juried Art Competition at the Farmington Museum, Gateway Park in
Farmington, New Mexico: May 9 through July 11, 2015. Selected artworks: Rusted Lace #3 and Rusted Lace #4.
Art League of Hilton Head 2015 Biennale, Walter Greer Gallery, Art Center of Coastal Carolina, Hilton Head Island,
South Carolina: May 8 to 31, 2015. Selected artwork: Stepping Stones.
National Fiber Directions 2015, Wichita Center for the Arts, Wichita, Kansas: March 27 to May 10, 2015. Selected
artwork: Scribble #1: Dream Weaver.
Quilt Festival Chicago, “Selections from 500 Traditional quilts” book invitational, Rosemont, Illinois: March 26-28,
2015. Selected artwork: Wyoming Valley #5 and Choir of Angels Tapestry (Wyoming Valley #1).
Mesa Contemporary Arts’ 36th Annual Contemporary Crafts exhibition Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, Mesa,
Arizona: February 13 to April 5, 2015. Selected artwork: Contaminated Water #3: Sludge.
Arts in Harmony 2015, Sherburne County Government Center, Elk River, Minnesota: February 2 to March 26, 2015.
Selected artwork: Flaming Grapes.
Annual All-Media Exhibition, Octagon Center for the Arts, Ames, Iowa: January 23 to April 4, 2015. Selected
artwork: Rusted Lace #2.
Texas Quilt Museum, “Selections from 500 Traditional quilts” book invitational, LaGrange, Texas: January 8 to
March 29, 2015. Selected artwork: Wyoming Valley #5 and Choir of Angels Tapestry (Wyoming Valley #1).
2014 Exhibitions:
International Quilt Festival, “Selections from 500 Traditional Quilts” book invitational at George R. Brown
Convention Center in Houston, Texas: October 29 to November 2, 2014. Invited artwork: Wyoming Valley
#5 and Choir of Angels Tapestry (Wyoming Valley #1).
Small Works Large Appeal WVA Exhibit, Wild Apple Gallery, Menasha, Wisconsin: September 3 to
October 25, 2014. Selected artwork: Stained Glass Mosaic #4.
Art Essex Invitational 2014, Art Essex Gallery in Essex, Connecticut: September 3 to 27, 2014. Selected artwork:
Rusted Lace #1.
Annual National Juried Exhibition at the Art Institute and Gallery in Salisbury, Maryland: September
13 to October 10, 2014. Selected artworks: Stepping Stones.
Northern National Fine Art Competition at the Nicolet College Art Gallery in Rhinelander, Wisconsin: July 22 to
September 12, 2014. Selected artwork: Contaminated Water #5: Mutated Sand Dollars, Rusted Fish.
Visual Artist Resume
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