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Weekly Staff Meeting Agenda
Date: _________________
1.) Shooting and Killings data review
a.) Shootings last month (last year): ____ Shootings this month: ____ Goal: ____
b.) Killings last month (last year): ____ Killings this month: ____ Goal: ____
c.) Shootings last year: ____ Shootings this year: ____ Goal: ____
d.) Killings last year: ____ Killings this year: ____ Goal: ____
e.) Shootings and killings this week and follow-up plan using violent incident review form
f.) Violent incident review from last week/month/quarter
G.) Brewing conflicts and follow-up plan
H.)Current conflicts being mediated and plan
I.) Mapping of shooting and killings data
2.) Canvassing and Community Awareness
a.) Review plan for the Week/Month/Quarter to cover the entire target area
b.) Public education (message creation/delivery/frequency)
c.) Hot spots to be canvassed this week:
3.) Building Community Relationships
a.) Review of current resources
b.) Specific resource needs for high risk and follow-up
4.) Community Activities
a.) Upcoming community activity this month
b.) Planning for the next quarter of community activities
5.) Participant Activities
a.) Upcoming participant activity this month
b.) Planning for the next quarter of participant activities
6.) Treatment Team
a.) Review one or two participants using treatment team form
b.) Review one or two conflicts mediated by staff
7.) Documentation
a.) Participant files
b.) VI daily logs
c.) Conflict mediation
8.) Other
Weekly Staff Meeting Agenda
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