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Weekly Status Report is a report presenting the progress of the events happened in the period of a week. It is one of the most important tools for people to measure their efficiency of the event in a week. A good weekly status report contains all the specific elements such as the progress of the activity, next action of the activity, due date, problems and more. Take a look at the report templates in your specialty and make a professional weekly status report by take them for reference.

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State Personnel Department
State of Alabama
Weekly Status Report of Examination Program
September 7, 2016
REGISTERS ESTABLISHED OR UPDATED SINCE August 31, 2016 (Figures in parentheses
indicate number of names on registers)
70724 Biologist IV (Ecology Option 048) (Promotional) (13)
10516 Programmer Analyst, Associate (General Option 003) (Continuous) (7 added to list)
10587 IT Manager II (Continuous) (2 added to list)
10611 Accountant (Continuous) (43 added to list)
11408 Employment Security Representative (Continuous) (2 added to list)
20621 Radiation Physicist (Continuous) (1 added to list)
20811 Chemist I (Continuous) (10 added to list)
20830 Forensic Pathology Specialist, Associate (Continuous) (7 added to list)
40102 Clinic Aide (Continuous) (74 added to list)
40205 Medicaid Nurse I (Continuous) (8 added to list)
40245 Nurse Supervisor (Continuous) (4 added to list)
40251 Nurse Hourly (Continuous) (19 added to list)
50221 Senior Social Worker (Continuous) (5 added to list)
50246 Social Service Caseworker (Continuous) (111 added to list)
50248 Social Worker (Continuous) (9 added to list)
50271 Human Resources County Director I (Continuous) (6 added to list)
50452 Medicaid Administrator II (Promotional) (Continuous) (8 added to list)
50459 Medicaid Regional Care Organization Manager (Continuous) (4 added to list)
60672 ALEA Trooper, Senior (Highway Patrol Option 267) (Promotional) (Continuous)
(6 added to list)
10197 Administrative Support Assistant II
10527 IT Systems Specialist, Associate (Mainframe/Midrange Option 399)
10527 IT Systems Specialist, Associate (Networking Option 400)
10527 IT Systems Specialist, Associate (Database Option 401)
10527 IT Systems Specialist, Associate (Generalist Option 402)
10613 Senior Accountant
10738 Revenue Division Director I (General Option 003) (Promotional)
10875 Retirement Counselor
10911 Stock Clerk I
10930 Inventory Control Officer
11043 Public Information Manager (Educational Publishing Option 469)
11107 Actuary, Associate
11203 Loan Examinations Specialist, Senior (Bank Examiner Option 340)
11231 Insurance Examiner I
11280 Special Agent (Attorney General Option 331)
11408 Employment Security Representative
11681 Fire Fighter/Driver Operator
11683 Fire Fighter/Crew Leader (Promotional)
20111 Engineering Assistant I
20614 Environmental Scientist
20649 Animal/Vector Control Technician
20812 Chemist II
21231 Planning & Economic Development Specialist I
21232 Planning & Economic Development Specialist II (Promotional)
40236 State Home Care Director
40502 Activity Program Aide II (Promotional)
40761 Health Services Administrator I
40763 Health Services Administrator IV (Promotional)
Weekly Status Report of Examine Program
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